One! Two pharmaceutical giants team up to find a simpler, better way to fight HIV

Treating HIV disease could become a lot easier for many people who are on a medication regimen. Two of the world's pharmaceutical giants--Bristol-Myers Squibb and Gilead Sciences.

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Pushing drugs: how medical marketing influences doctors and patients

When John D. Abramson was practising family medicine in Hamilton, Mass., he prided himself on how conscientiously he selected the drugs that he prescribed. He closely followed pharmaceutical research.

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The miracle cure myth: today's pharmaceutical cures are often no better than the ones pioneered 50 years ago. Yet there are plenty of experts telling us the opposite - Health

The public image of the pharmaceutical companies has rarely seemed rosier. They may be immensely rich and powerful following a spate of mergers that created a dozen corporations, each with a turnover of billions of pounds.

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Affordable drugs? Forget it! It's not just poor countries that find their sovereignty threatened by free trade. Patricia Ranald explains how the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement may torpedo Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

AUSTRALIANS love their Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). It keeps medicines affordable and controls health costs. But it is loathed by the giant pharmaceutical companies.

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Absolute willpower

Absolute willpower : you can turn weak, underutilized self-control into strong, tough resolve that will help you meet your fitness and weight-loss goalsThe ad that used to challenge "Bet you can't eat just one" had your number: That first potato chip inevitably leads to a near-empty bag.

Lose your blues

Lose your blues: if you're one of seven out of 10 Americans struggling with mild depression, cheer-up. A simple fitness solution will put color back into your lifeAre you still trying to shake the shadows of 2001? Do the prospects of domestic and International "incidents" sap your energy and motivation?

How to develop

How to develop a fitness mind-set; no matter how close you are to working out and eating right, these easy-to-implement steps will translate thought into concrete action - MindFor years, University of Rhode Island psychologist James Prochaska, Ph.D., has studied how people overcome bad habits.

Overdoing over

Overdoing over-the-counter drugs - Health And Fitness For Life - dancers use of anti-inflammatory medication - Brief ArticleEveryone has a story: the 16-year-old who ended up in the emergency room doubled over with abdominal pain; the dancer who had to leave company class because his stomach was killing him.