Amino Acid Injection For Weight Loss Is It A Fact Or Myth

Amino Acid is one of the building blocks of protein and comes in the form of molecules which basically has NH2 amino group, acidic carbonyl and part of the DNA chain attached to an alpha carbon atom. Other than the structure of its molecules, the uses and benefits of amino acid is not known to many and not too many people bother to know what this acid does in our body until claims were made of its weight loss component. A number of researches were done to show what the amino acid actually does, how this acid functions inside the body and whether amino acid injection for weight loss is a fact or a myth.
One of the experiments that were made is a research conducted on mice and rats to show how these animals would react to conjugated linoleic acid or CLA which is an amino acid that is found in lamb, beef and milk. This is because the synthetic form of the conjugated linoleic acid are sold in the market allegedly to reduce body fat and to reduce risks of diabetes and even certain kinds of cancer.

The study showed that the mice that were fed with a diet that contains CLA, lost weight rapidly and accumulated fats in their liver which is indicative of a rapid weight loss that can be caused by amino acid injection for weight loss.
Due to this research, many explored possible befits the amino acid can do for humans as well. Since more and more people are having problems with their weight and since rats tend to respond positively to the amino acid, there are those who suggest that the amino acid would react similarly to the human body.

One of the bases is that the rats have been used since time for a number of experiments like in cosmetology where the reaction of the skin to certain cosmetics is tested through the rats. As such, the notion that is created is that if rats tended to respond positively to the amino acid injection for weight loss, then humans would respond similarly to the injection of amino acid.
On the effect on human, however, the main concern is whether or not the humans would respond the same way as the mice.

While the mice responded positively to show that the diet with CLA supplement can really reduce weight at a drastic rate and the same can be inferred in the human body, many are still unaware what the other effects of the acid in the body are. The majority however rules that there is truth to the claim that amino acid injection for weight loss is effective.


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