Chiropractics For Animals

For a chiropractor, his table is the only thing that separates him between triumph or success to danger and a lawsuit. After all, its his table that he uses to mold his patients back smoothly to form once again the proper and right contours of his patients body. Aside from his relaxing and silky hands, his table is the only instrument that tells whether hes going to survive this treatment or not, and as a doctor, he should know if he will survive this treatment or not. And by survive, going through the whole process without earning an ire from his patients.

So just like the hands that massage and soothe the body, tables serve as one of the main ingredients in treating a patient in a holistic approach. Chiropractic tables should have these features in order for the quick recovery of a patient.

The headpiece of a chiropractic table is important it should not only have its parts comfortable but also flexible as well so that the table can tilt, elevate and spread out. The head rest should also move in a forward motion or toggle and fasten securely. And above all, the head piece of the chiropractic table should raise at least six inches above the cushions.

To accommodate the different shapes and sizes of the body, the chiropractic table should at least be twenty-one inches in width. And to be able to absorb the weight of the body (no matter how obese or heavy a person is), the chiropractic table should be durable and sturdy as well and should be constructed in steel.

The chiropractic table should be non-exposed to mechanisms, and should be filled with high density foam cushions.

And to make it look more attractive or appealing to the patients, chiropractic tables should also come in a wide variety of colors and the upholstery should be patient-friendly, which means that the upholstery shouldnt make the patients allergic or make him more ill.

And of course, just like any other type of machinery, chiropractic tables should exhibit low maintenance and the function should also be dependable. To guarantee that these tables function all throughout the year and then some more, chiropractic tables should have a two-year warranty on all parts.

And quite surprisingly, there are also chiropractic tables not just for the human body, but for the canine and the feline as well. And these tables are designed to make a patient feel more comfortable and at ease.

The tables would allow the doctor to drop the canine or feline with a drop and this would also reduce the load on the extremities of the dog or the cat for proper performance.

The height of the table also rises to 28 inches and can accommodate even the biggest dogs, such as the Great Danes. There are also multiple table functions which are located in the chiropractic tables, and can rise to a maximum height which would allow the doctor to examine the cat or the dog more clearly.


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