Diet And Disease The Connection

Diet and disease are more and more recognized to have a close connection than ever before in history. There is much evidence proving that what we consume has a tremendous impact on our health. Nutritional science had its beginnings in the eighteenth century, and the appearance of vitamins in our food and the connection between diet and disease became known in the twentieth century. It is obvious to most folks that a diet void of nutrition and diseases are related.

Early discoveries from the most thorough study to ever be undertaken on the connection between diet and the impact it has on the risk of producing diseases are challenging a large number of Americans dietary beliefs. This study was performed in China and it paints a vivid picture of an eating plan, based on plants that will inevitably promote good health, rather than disease.Eating lots of animal protein is not necessary to prevent iron deficiency anemia and is, in fact, linked to terminal diseases. The Chinese who ate the highest amount of protein, especially animal protein, had the highest rankings in diseases such as, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

In researching nutrition, the connection between the food we eat and disease have been acknowledged a long time ago. What has not been as apparent is the connection between nutrition as a whole and most every kind of disease, from simple colds to cancer. Even if you are genetically prone to certain diseases, a nutritious diet can greatly diminish the risk of getting any of them.

Child-hood diets have a great impact on latter years in life. A rich diet consisting of large amounts of protein, fats and calcium, which are rapid growth inhibitors, will greatly boost a womans danger of getting cancer of the breast and also of the reproductive organs of the body.

The Chinese study also strongly suggested that people with high levels of cholesterol are more likely to get diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It was proven that low cholesterol levels can protect against, not just heart disease, but also against colon cancer, which is the most ordinary of the life threatening diseases in America. Chinese mortality ratings from cancer of the colon were lowest where the cholesterol levels were the lowest.

We are primarily vegetarians in nature and our diets should consist of a variety of fruits and vegetables and other plant based foods. Our animal food consumption should be minimal. The body needs lots of water in order to flush out all the toxic waste. This keeps the skin, hair and all the organs of the body healthy, producing enzymes that will easily digest.

This in turn, will empower the body to pick up all the valuable nutrients from the foods we eat.

Healthy foods are vegetables rich in minerals, which are carrots, peas, tomatoes, swiss chard, spinach, string beans, brussels sprouts, artichokes, beets cooked with apples, raisins, ect. Fruits and vegetables should be stewed in their own juices to avoid the loss of minerals that are easily dissolved in water during cooking. It seems that these valuable minerals are not so well absorbed when they are out of their colloidal state.

The best way to prepare vegetables is to cook them slowly for one and one half to two hours, without water. This type of preparation will greatly enhance the taste of food and will also add to the longevity of life.


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