Do Laser Acne Treatments Work

Numerous methods are used in the treatment of acne, such as topical and oral medications, but not many acne treatments were found to rid acne forever. The problem may be due to the fact that there are different types of acne. Inflammatory acne, for example, is usually treated with antibiotics taken orally. This is where the acne laser treatment comes in. The laser treatment may be used to reduce the amount of medication taken to treat acne and improve acne scars.

Acne laser treatment is quite recent. Many researchers have long been investigating better ways to treat acne. They came across this new acne-treating tool called acne laser treatment a couple of years ago and has been used since with a high rate of success. Laser treatments have been known and applied for quite some time, but only a few years ago did they discover the efficiency of laser treatments when treating acne patients. Doctors discovered that a good number of acne patients showed extraordinary results after being exposed to the laser treatment. Before this discovery, laser treatments were mostly used for anti-aging purposes.

Laser acne treatments are used in very specific situations, such as in the reduction and elimination of scarring due to severe acne and in the treatment of active acne. The acne laser treatment has increased in popularity among acne patients since its first introduction a few years ago. This treatment is used on teenagers when other forms of treatment have been used without success, whereas adults will tend to opt for the acne laser treatment as being the acne treatment of choice. Laser acne treatments may be used to reduce acne-causing bacteria or shrink oil-producing glands.

Both approaches are efficient to get rid of acne, but many specialists believe that eliminating the oil-producing glands is the best route to an acne free skin. How does acne laser treatment work? Depending on the approach, a different set of acne treating lasers and lights will be used. For example, if you want to eradicate acne-causing bacteria, a laser emitting yellow light will be used.

This yellow laser light interacts with prophorine, which is a substance found inside the acne-causing bacteria, to produce oxygen and consequently kill the bacteria. The yellow laser light also has a dual effect of favouring the formation of collagen, which in turn will help prevent scarring due to severe acne. Acne laser treatment is still in its embryonic stage, much research is being done at the moment. Researchers are encouraged to further investigate acne laser treatments due to the acne problem being so widespread.

Consequently, newer and better methods are always being tested. Specialists often use a combination of different types of acne treating lasers and lights in order to get the most out of this laser technology when treating a patient. Of course, the methods used depend on the acne patient?s condition.

After numerous studies conducted to see the effectiveness of acne laser treatment, experts have found this treatment to be localized, secure, and producing no systemic side effects. More and more, lasers are being used in the treatment of acne scarring and in the treatment of active acne.

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