From a Nurse How to Treat Pimples on the Cheap and Keep It Natural

It's easy to treat acne cheaply, simply, naturally yet effective, at home. This simple, cheap and yet the best, alternative acne treatment has worked for many adults, teens and children with acne, zits, pimples, or blemishes. A cheap home remedy and well worth a try on your sensitive skin. You want to be good to your skin and never pop or squeeze a pimple no matter how tempting. This natural treatment will work better if your skin isn't already noticeably irritated from acne medicines, acne products or other failed treatment. So to start you'll need to pick up some raw apple cider vinegar.

You'll want to use the best, most natural, unprocessed, raw vinegar you can get. You can find this type of vinegar at whole foods markets like Whole Foods and Wild Oats chains, some small whole foods outlets and some health food stores. Look for the Bragg brand of apple cider vinegar. It's raw, unfiltered, organic, unprocessed and the purest, most natural unrefined vinegar. Stay away from the refined, processed vinegars, both cider and distilled.

And distilled white vinegar should never be used on your skin or for eating for that matter. You'll need to make a fairly strong solution. Use half, or 50%, raw apple cider vinegar with half, or 50%, pure, clean, preferably distilled or filtered water. Test an area first by applying to a small area of the skin for a few hours to make sure you aren't sensitive to it in some way. If you don't have any redness or obvious sign of skin irritation then go ahead and apply it to the rest of the area. You should see the results with improved skin within a few days.

Once your acne has improved you can keep it at bay with a milder solution of 20% raw apple cider vinegar and 80% pure, filtered or distilled water. Prepare a fresh solution each time for new acne outbreaks or more stubborn pimples. Make sure you don't use the cheap, processed, refined, mass market vinegar.

Bragg apple cider vinegar comes in two sizes, large and small and costs less than $3. The small size should be fine. It'll last months. It doesn't need to be refrigerated but I always refrigerate mine.

Always consider changing your diet to lots of fruits and fresh veggies and fewer junk foods. You no doubt know what those are! You want to work from the inside out too. With this cheap, safe, simple, natural, effective, alternative home treatment for acne and pimples, your skin should be well on its way to recovery.

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