Hot Tub Location Guide

When one has made the good decision to buy then you have to consider carefully where you will place the Jacuzzi Style Hot Tub. There of course various choices depending on your property. For example indoors depending on access in to your property or perhaps outside in a front or rear garden or what many people often prefer, on a terrace or a roof terrace if possible. Whilst there are many choices to consider, one has to take into account certain factors, and the most important and obvious one is that the Jacuzzi Style Hot Tub is going to be placed on a weight bearing foundation that is able to support the weight of the Jacuzzi including the water and say 4/5 adults. It is important that the base on which the Jacuzzi is to be placed is level and of a consistent texture and strength through out - little point if it is just strong at one end and weak in the middle. A suggested base or foundation would be a layer of concrete with a thickness of 6 inches and to be laid on hard core, which has been laid for the concrete to key too.

Perhaps bars of reinforced steel would also add strength - some people use concrete roof beams or small RSJ's Rolled Steel Joists, If the Jacuzzi is going to be installed on, for example, wooden decking the same, kind of considerations have to be made. A guide for the total weight is 100 lbs per square foot. If a Jacuzzi is to be set into decking or sunken consideration has to be given to access for service or routine maintenance.

I have seen many installations that whilst they look nice they are impossible to access. At some time, access will be required in the same way that you have to open the hood of a car to change the battery or what ever. It may be possible to place a Jacuzzi Style Hot Tub in side your property. If you do decide to put your Jacuzzi hot tub indoors, then of course you will have a lot of water inside your property and one has to consider very carefully the implications if for what ever reason a leak occurred. Just a child possibly accidentally opening the drain valve one evening might mean that you could wake up knee deep in water.

Therefore, if it is going to be inside one has to plan an effective drainage system and ensure that should (heaven forbid) there be any leaks that the water drains away harmlessly. In addition, as the Tub will run at quite a high temperature it will give off a lot of damp moisture and this could accumulate on the ceiling, floors and walls of your property. Obviously, you will need very good ventilation in order to deal with this. For the majority of Jacuzzi Hot Tub users the best position tends to be outside for a variety of reasons.

The Jacuzzi can be enjoyed at any time of the year perhaps to cool off on a warm sultry day or to warm up on a winters evening. Obviously when outside the Hot tub will be more exposed to the elements and you will need to wear bath slippers or equivalent as you walk to the Jacuzzi to keep the water as clear as possible. A proper insulated cover is essential for a Hot Tub whether it is indoors or outside.

You should always have the cover on it when the tub is not in use.This not only keeps the water warm but also keeps the dirt and dust out. Also the cleaner the water the less you will have to treat the water with chemicals etc. In addition, it is a safety factor to ensure that youngsters do not get in to the Hot Tub unsupervised.

The author Jacuzzi John (JJ) supplies premium quality American & European Hot Tubs from Estepona on the Costa Del Sol in Spain and his web site is at Hot Tubs Spain

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