Increase Your Results by Exercising

Exercise is a key factor for anybody who wants to lose weight. Exercise will substantially decrease the time for you to reach your weight loss goals. However it doesn't just stop there, exercising will enhance your life in many positive ways. A lot of people have a dread about exercising because it can be difficult at the start, especially if you are not used to it.

The key point to remember is that it is only by doing the difficult things in life, do we reap the greater rewards. Weight loss is just one positive side effect you receive from exercising, exercise will also: Give you more energy. Make you fitter and stronger. Your body's ability to use oxygen more efficiently will increase. Make you more confident and increase your self esteem.

Release endorphins in your brain which makes you feel happier. Increase your lifespan Allow you to be a role model for people around you. Strengthen your heart. Lowers the risks of disease and other ailments.

Strengthen your immune system. Boost your metabolism so it works more efficiently. Improve your posture. Make you look and feel more attractive. Improve your self image.

Improve your ability to cope with stress. Help you to look and feel younger. Compensate for the natural muscle loss that occurs with age. With all these additional benefits it would seem crazy to avoid exercise, but so many people do, and do not realise the major benefits that they are missing out on. Many people will find exercising difficult when they first start but remember that this is completely normal. What makes it hard is that your muscles need to get used to being used in ways that they are not accustomed to.

This is what causes the aches and soreness the day after an exercise session. At first glance this may seem a bad thing but in reality it is a good thing because you are waking up muscles that may have been asleep for a long time. Of course your muscles are going to complain when you first start using them, this is because they are being taken out of their comfort zone. Your muscles will become used to what you are doing and improve themselves to cope. They do this by becoming stronger and by increasing their endurance capabilities. When you first start out, just do enough exercise so that you are pushing yourself just a little beyond what you think are your limits.

There may be some pain for a week or so,but eventually the pain will stop as your body becomes accustomed to what you are doing. It stops because your muscles have adapted and when this happens it is time to do a bit more exercise. Your muscles will keep on adapting by becoming fitter and stronger, and you just keep repeating the process.

The hardest part of exercising is the first few weeks. It can be difficult because you are making your body do something it is not used to,and it needs time to adapt to this new lifestyle. Your body likes smooth sailing and doesn't take kindly to change. The good news is that if you do something often enough your body will not have any choice but to change. Always remember that in the beginning; never overdo it because doing more than you can cope with is going to result in you giving up.

Just do enough so that it is going to test you a little. After a few weeks things will become easier, and then you can increase in slightly larger steps because your body will have come to terms with what you are doing. Avoid comparisons with other people when exercising,if it's testing you,then thats good enough. You will be exercising in way that is going to be challenging for you, it doesn't matter what anyone else can do. Regardless of how much exercise you start with, always keep in mind that if you continue, the improvements will come, it cannot be any other way.

Another thing to remember is that whatever you are doing today is more than what you were doing a few weeks ago, so you are already improving. One final tip is that you should try not to think of exercise. If you spend too much time thinking about it, it will start to play on your mind during the day. You will get to the stage where you have talked yourself out of doing it,because you have been thinking how hard it is going to be. Try to avoid thinking about it and just do it when the time comes. Most people spend more time thinking about exercise than spending time actually doing any, which really makes no sense at all.

There are countless methods of exercise, spend some time figuring out what you are going to do. Read the benefits on this page on a daily basis to help you keep motivated, and be frightened of the potential risks you may place on yourself if you don't exercise.

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