Why Do We Snore

Snoring narrows the throat and restricts air passege. Snoring results directly from the soft throat tissues flipping back and forth in between narrow airways. If snoring is very lound and constant it is a conern at any age. If you snore at night you are at risk for health problems that can evolve from being a habitual snorer. In addition to the entire houshold losing sleep because of snoring, snorers also face health problems that include high blood pressure and an increased risk of stroke or heart disease. Snoring can lead to sexual problems.

As many anti-snoring remedies are available as are causes for snoring. The chances of becoming a snorer increase due to advancing age, poor diet, and lack of exercise. For instance, a man age 52, who smokes, drinks and is overweight, has definitely caused his wife to leave the bedroom due to his snoring. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance that his snoring can undeniably be heard all over the house.

The snoring should be a wakeup call to him that he needs to make some dramatic lifestyle changes or eventually suffer from even more serious health issues. When people can weight, they gain weight throughout their body, including their throat and neck area. The flow of air is restricted when the throat relaxes during sleep and the heaviness of the fat surrounding the passage ways constricts the opening.

Smoking greatly affects the respiratory system. Alcohol consumption increases snoring. Prescription medications, as well as over the counter medicine, can contribution to the causes of snoring in a person. Sleeping pills and sedatives are clear examples of this. While you are making appropriate healthy choices like losing weight,giving up drinking and smoking,and changing medications that you are able to change,there is also the option of anti-snoring products or devices.

The market today offers several non-invasive and cheap remedies for immediate snoring relief. There are many herbal remedies today for some of life's little problems such as snoring. There are homeopathic pills, sprays, clips, strips, even a pillow that helps you to stop snoring. There are many ways to control snoring.

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